We love getting things out the door and into your hands! If you have further questions after reading this page, please email myrna@expedition.press.


We typically ship orders by USPS within 5 business days. 

On the rare occasions when this isn't possible—usually due to travel or a sudden high volume of orders—we will notify you as soon as possible.


If you need something by a particular date, please tell us in the "note field" when you place your order. We'll let you know what options are, calculate any extra cost, get your okay, and bill it separately if needed.


Our online shop has limited ability to adjust shipping costs for large orders. If you are ordering 4 or more items, please contact us first. We will calculate shipping, get your okay, and give you instructions for placing your order.


International customers, we value you! Please be aware that your order may incur further fees upon arrival, imposed by customs. A package may be held until these fees are paid in person. Every country has it's own approach to import tax and duty on goods purchased from overseas.

UK and Canadian customers most often report these fees. While we're not able to calculate these fees for you, here are two resources we've found:

The amount typically depends on the total value of your order. Please ask your local post master if you have concerns, and contact us too—we will pass on any more specific info relevant to your order if we can.


We take special care with packaging to be sure your items arrive safely and in excellent condition. However we cannot guarantee safe handling once a package leaves our shop. If you have particular concerns, please add a note to your order and we will be add insurance and/or reinforce your package.

In the rare event that a package is lost or damaged, please let us know immediately. Depending on the item, what happened, and your location, we may be able to replace the item, offer something in its stead, or issue a full or partial refund. We care deeply and will work with you to find a solution.